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Updating Kitchen Floors

In this blog installment about Kitchens and design updating we will discuss flooring in general and how new updated flooring really impacts the kitchen and what else you may do with the area. A lot of updating and rehabbing goes into the cabinets, countertops and appliances to name a few. But the flooring is equally as important and a good item to nail down and get right before you select the other updates to the major areas.

First, we take a look at tile flooring. My friend at movers Roswell loves these newer floors. Over the last five or so years the larger square travertine tiles have become more and more popular. They offer a larger looking tile that has an updated feel, and various colors, and color combos to boot that look fantastic. We prefer to install the lighter looking ones that have a sandstone or whiter looking beige color that really freshens up the floor area. This also goes well with lighter counter-tops which just brighten up the entire space without having too much lights instead of no darks. The early to mid 2000’s brought on a lot of black granite counter-tops with medium dark light flooring that over the years has just been overdone on these rehabbed houses. It seems like every other home we see has these old black counter-tops that once were the brand new look, not so much anymore.

Another nice looking floor for newer remodels on homes are the thick wood looking tiles or vinyl plank. In fact we are doing a rehab on a home right now with these new dark vinyl planks that look just like thick hardwood floors. We chose the dark chocolate brown and it really is very close to looking like wood but it is water friendly since it is vinyl plank and a better match for a kitchen area. The idea is that these vinyl plank floors are Continue reading

Kitchen Appliance Choices

Ok, so here is one of the most common questions. What type of appliances should we install in our kitchen? Well it is kind of a loaded question, and it really depends on your plans with the home for the next month, or ten years.

Here is my take…

If you are buying a home as an investment property, then you want to definitely put the latest trending appliances in the kitchen. The ones that most of the buyers who see the home will love. Now, you also want to begin researching the local area on the home listing websites that are everywhere online and make sure to see what is popular. I know an investment home buyer who doubles as the owner of Carpet Cleaning Lawrenceville, GA that keeps up with this stuff religiously. Once you determine what is hot currently, then you want to put those appliances in your home so that it will sell faster and you make the most profit on the flip. I have seen in the past where an investor, for example will put in older trending appliances, like the Continue reading

Today’s Kitchens

Welcome to my new site about Remodeling single family homes in today’s marketplace. It is important to remember that a kitchen is one of the preeminent features of the entire home, and a quality renovation will surely raise the property value because most people want a nice kitchen. Don’t go overboard depending on the area you live in, or that the property is located, but make sure it is a tasteful rehab. Making it suitable and pleasing for the average would be buyer is important too, because you want the largest percentage of buyers to like it which increases the chance of a quick sale.

Things that I find extremely important in the overall value of the kitchen are the countertops, cabinets, appliances and flooring. My buddy, who owns roof repair Lawrenceville, GA always puts in stainless steel appliances now days. But all of these combined need to have a flow to them so to speak. If you have white cabinets, then light or dark countertops will work, although Continue reading